Week 16

Hello Week 16! Are ya feeling me now? I actually have one very large pile of cards that I cart around, yes and if you must know, I purchased a larger purse,,,, LOL, it’s all good. I really want this journey to expand and grow as I continue to run forward. So,,,, what I see is a lack of fear within my actions, I tend to want to push this forward so fast that I feel dread as I walk into my “normal” job. What I am saying is that I know that my career of 20 years, though feeding my current bills, feels like the “monkey hand in the jar.” I just really want to propel myself into my new reality. So, I go into my office and state, today I will appreciate what this is teaching me. It’s teaching me focus on my personal goals, it’s teaching me that I need to add more polish to my new self. I hold tight to my DMP, my cards, my affirmations, my service goals, my focus on shapes and goals. So as I continue to do this, I’m holding my sales MLM classes and signing people into the business. I am reaching out to other areas that will propel my actions so it’s not just one or two sign ups here and there, it’s has to be bigger to make this work. My focus is getting sharper and I’m making other changes in my diet, my temperament and responses to my interactions with others. It’s not all on the up and up, I still see my old self jabbing me on the shoulder saying ” seriously, you can’t do this,,,,” I will not listen to the “subby”. I haven’t come this far to walk away.


Week 15

This week one can appreciate all of the “drills” that we have been participating in and how they link to growth and habit in forming and meeting our future self, the person that we always would dream about, that we thought was in us, but somehow always alluded us,,, sometimes, still does… yet, I know that she is in there somewhere. To know that we can be on the top of the rollercoaster that is ready to embark on the ride of our life does give me butterflies in my stomach. I mean, could this happen,,, is it really going to happen,,,, to me,,, just me? I mean, I keep looking around to see where I can pull back the curtain to the wizard that is hiding behind it,,, that internal voice that states,,, if it sounds too good to be true,,, it probably is… I mean, really, we are talking about me, aren’t we? BUT,,, there is a part of me that has already witnessed success,,,, though it may be small to some, it was pretty massive for me already. The thought that I could have success in a business that I am creating is exciting to my core. How I long for freedom in my days to get up and pour myself into a career that engages my heart and soul would be amazing. To feel enlightened by a career that even though could be difficult at times, can still feel like an accomplishment would be amazing. What am I still holding on to here on this side of the fence? Truly, I have seen all there is on this side and can’t help peaking over to see what the other side looks like. It’s that part of being a child full of curiosity that keeps me looking in an unfamiliar direction. I have found myself over the past couple of weeks being a bit agitated at still having to do what I have to do in this career and with my requirements and just wanting to jump over that fence and run! Possibly the old subby is not interested in seeing what else is out there… TO BAD, I’m running now! 🙂

Week 13

I have been focusing all of my energy on my Young Living Business. Each day I integrate the MKMMA class into my actions that are propelling my connections, and my sales. BAM! I am truly amazed by how this is unfolding before me. I hold 2-3 classes per month that are getting more traffic. In addition, if someone is within 5 feet of me, I am sharing these oils, I am propelled to keep this going. It has been an amazing journey. I am feeling excited by the “hussle.” I really do enjoy connecting with people to these oils because their benefits are limitless. The audience that I can connect with is will never end. Building the business has been exciting and I’m charged by all connections. There is so much more to come, but for right now, I have to get back to the grind.

Week 12-Amazing

There is no doubt that we have the option of walking any path before us. As I sit down to write this, I am shaking my head at all that has happened over the past three weeks. Not just internally, but externally. I have and continue to meet amazing people that each bring a unique gift into my life. Whether it be a word of support, a joke, a funny way to look at things, their determination, their sadness, whatever it is, I sit back and just “listen” to them. Time and time again, I am reminded that people just want to be heard, valued and listened to. That by itself is worth the journey. I just don’t know how to completely explain this, but just that I feel that my eyes have opened on so many levels. So, to give you the step by step of these past three weeks, lock arms with me and listen up.
First it was and continues to be with great sadness of the loss my father in law. Though not legally, he has been in my life each day for seven years, so I think that qualifies under some law somewhere. So he fought with so much passion the cancer that eventually consumed him, but on some level, there is compassion to be felt over loss due to not seeing him physically suffer. Yet, I still look at my phone, searching for his last text and finding that I cannot and will not delete this. It’s the last testament to a “dad 2” a friend, a very smart man and my boyfriends hero since he was the size of a teardrop. So, as life continues, it just happens that we are faced with the constant reminders that there is no guarantee of time that any of us have and that of itself, it is a wonderful gift to recognize. My mind jumps to Jim King. He and his wife Lori are an amazing force to see in action and the two responsible for bringing me before you now. They have true integrity and have shown me the ropes of health and healing on many levels. Yet, there is one thing that Jim has said that rings true to me each day… you have to look at the “expected” time you may have on the books of life. For my age, I will be lucky to have 20 good summers left to dance, walk and talk on this beautiful big green and blue planet. So you had better get busy doing something with that. So, I take that to heart. Because just to have that much time left would be a blessing.
So, as I said before, there are many avenues one can take to create a life of abundance and that can mean so much for so many. With my journey, I have chosen the amazing world of healing oils that can help support the body, because I know my audience before me, I could make that connection on many levels. Like I said, there are so many avenues and so many companies that one can support and if I could, I would also follow Jim and Lori’s company. Yet, I felt I had to pick one and run with it and run I did! When I committed to this, I held my first class. I kept saying, I would have 13 people at my class and 5 would sign up,,,, all said and done,,,,, THAT HAPPENEND! And when that happened, I shook my head in amazing belief for all that this universe has to offer. During the following week, I said I had to sell one more kit, I needed others to know about the amazing benefits one can obtain,,, and again,,,, I made another big sale,,,and again, it happened. So,,,, needless to say, I am starting a new business and have already started to hold classes that are for the “Healthy Hippy Chick” vision that I started with, that I had in my DMP, that’s posted all over the place, that’s on all my correspondence with everyone that I have contacted. Just for the record,,,, this continues to grow. I want people to feel better, I want to find a way to help them and to facilitate wellness for them. Did I say it’s just been three weeks,,,, yes,,, don’t loose site of that. It’s been amazing. Stay tuned for more positive news from the healthy hippy chick… 🙂

Week 11

I am back,,,,, so much has happened during the Thanksgiving week and last week. Sadly, I lost a close family member to cancer. We found ourselves spending more time with him, to being there when he passed on. To focus on all the many, many positives that one can take away from this situation, is where I stand. Dad Daley was an amazing and kind soul, not the type that one meets everyday. His love of animals, family and general curiosity with life will be missed and appreciation. Yet, a trying situation to many, I did find myself reflecting on the scrolls,,,, I love the ambitious for they can inspire me! I love the failures for they can teach me. I love the kings for they are but human; I love the meek for they are divine. I love the rich for they are yet lonely; I love the poor for they are so many. I love the young for the faith they hold: I love the old for the wisdom they shire. I love the beautiful for their eyes of sadness; I love the ugly for their souls of peace.
This loss, as with many we face in our lives, tends to put more focus on the importance of creating a life that is on our own terms. We have no guarantee of the time we have here,,, and we can easily be consumed by “stuff” and wake up many years later to ” what did I do with all of that time?” I have never, ever focused so much on the future and present as I have since I started this class. I am creating a new future, and already doing some things I want to now. Things in my DMP! Things I didn’t think about, but started to develop and it’s happening. People are excited and enjoying this and so am I. I have something positive that I want to share with so many. I will persist until I succeed. And I will SUCEED!

Eat to Nourish

One of the biggest things people ask me, is how do you get those abs…. well, it doesn’t have a thing to do with crunches,,, well, maybe a little, but most of it comes to clean eating small meals during the day. It can be done in about 12 weeks, some maybe not so long, others longer. But it is attainable. So, realize the chocolate cake will still be there later on,,,, just focus on the day, your goals and drink lots of water. Put reminders in front of yourself all the time. It’s so worth it!

Week 2

Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m seeing blue rectangles all over creation! No, it’s actually a fun exercise and connects so easily to the objective I will be doing this Saturday,,,and yes, that is to clean my car. But I get it… I see the logic in the approach.  I can swim in the words of each lesson and reflect on their elegance, yet, its been so challenging to actually sit still for 15 minutes. It just goes to show me, I have been way to much of a busy bee. I mean way to much. Why it’s been years since I’ve actually slowed down. A friend of mine said to me, if you are lucky, you may have 20 good summer’s left. Well, at that moment, my mind came to a sudden jolt, and I needed to hear that. I get so busy running from one project to the next that I lose me in the process. That’s been the last 20 years of my life. At this point, I’m here asking, what it all means. This course arrived to me when I need it most. I need that mirror in front of me saying its your time to regroup and think of what’s important, go back to the dreams as a child and see what resonates with your soul. I’ve lost that. It’s almost like its another language and I can’t make it out. I think its truly amazing how we go through life with our checklist of all that must be done, but really, what does all that “stuff” mean in the end? I had dreams, but they were placed aside due to not being “practical.” I enjoyed painting and drawing, but I put that aside to “make a living.” BORING, fast forward to my 50’s and I  day dream about sitting there quietly, drawing and painting.  Trust me, it wasn’t like I could sell these to support the cell phone bill, but they brought me peace, on the inside. How amazing it would be to find a career that combined my PPN’s.  True health and recognition… hmmmm, I may be on to something.

Week 8

Well, let me be honest, I have a day long date today with WordPress. Technically, starting processes like this has been a challenge, yet I am finding that my “trigger” buttons are not as easily pushed. This process, just like so many in this class is recalibrating my habits and movements. So this, just like the rest will get better. There is so much that I want to share with everyone, yet the language of this process is new to me. As I am sure it is with others. So you will see more growth and development. Just like learning something new, this will take a little more time to be comfortable with.
What I do bring to the table is a dedication to grow from this process. I have always been focused to improve. Its just sometimes the steps are higher then others, so I just have to get a “running start.” I see that we are all just trying to do better, and for that I have deep appreciation for this process and the experience it is unfolding before me. Yes, I still have self talk that “I’m not good enough,” yet, I think we all hold self doubts when it comes to our abilities from time to time. But above all that, I have always and continue to believe that I was meant to have a better life. I was meant to help others and connect them to a better way. With so many years in Human Resources, of all experiences, when I was able to positively impact another persons life, that brought me peace and happiness.
It is true that some of these exercises and books have crossed my path before, but it doesn’t matter. There is no judgement, what is striking is that they are crossing my path again, perhaps this is my timing. This is what I need now above all else. My time is now and I am determined to create a better life for myself, one that is full of health for not just myself but all others I connect with, I want to help others to show them that they can and do have the power to feel better, to live a better life to enjoy their health. As well, why not do this in a creative and fun way! Why not experience the beauty that life has to offer through creative expression, whatever that is for people. My future center, will provide the location for people from all walks of life to enjoy the many areas of wellness. The center will hold lectures on health and wellness, such as nutrition, detoxifying ones home, exercise, massage, Reiki, Art classes to name a few. I know that may seem a bit much, but I want to have a center the can bring in health professionals as well as creative classes and nourish the body and soul. Why not have a center that can provide that for all facets of the population? The sessions can train, help and guide others to have more self awareness as well as provide a safe environment for them to grow as a person physically and spiritually. I have always enjoyed bringing resources to the people and it’s time to make this dream of mine a reality.

The interview

Press Release!
Local Hippy Chick Living Life in Color!
The interview takes place at my studio that is full of the mid-day sun beaming in the front gallery. I’m so excited for this interview, it seems that I’ve waiting forever to share my story with others. I greet, Richard from the Chatham Press as I stand and raise my hand out to him. He immediately notices my colorful workout outfit. I don’t shy away from color and pretty much hit every shade in the rainbow with this outfit. My workout paints have the color of a peacock, my matching top shows my well sculptured shoulders and 6 pack ab, yea, you could say I eat clean and workout on a routine basis. It’s one of my many passions. I walk Richard in to the chairs where we will be conducting our interview.

Richard looks around and takes a moment to comment on one of the paintings on display. It’s a side figure of human form, that shows the muscles of the arm and leg. It’s beautiful and full of color. He turns back to me and says, “did you paint that one?”” Why yes I did, when I first started with my vision board to have this center manifest itself. “Really, is that something that you use a lot. I replied that it keeps me on track towards my goals in life. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day, that I have a lot of visual reminders in my home and office and pretty much any high traffic area that I find myself to be. Richard comments, “your outfit does fit the “Hippy Chick” part of the name and he smiles. I reply “I really wanted something catchy and something to attract all ages. I’m a sixties baby and so are many of my clients, in addition, the name also resonates with my younger clients as well. This center has so much to offer people of all ages.

Richard “ Well it is unusual to see a health center as well as an art gallery/ meeting room/ massage room all together.”
Deborah “Well, I know, I know, but I wanted it to be a center for growth for the whole person. One cannot change their body unless they get their mind on board. It’s all together and commitment starts from the inside.”
Richard, take me back to the beginning of this journey,”
Deborah, “In my 50’s I got in the best shape of my life, I was serious about, focused and made it a part of my life. Yet, there was so much more that I wanted to experience. I wanted to have more freedom to grow a business that could support my passion, and hence provide me the “Freedom” that I was craving to travel, to, take more classes to support my passion for “whole body” fitness and to be able to support causes that I believed in, such as the many animal shelters that we created and support around the United States. So, once I learned the power of focus and discipline, I knew I had to make some changes.
Richard, such as?”
Deborah, “Such, as, I was working a “job” that I lost my passion for, as an HR Manager, that I felt was more draining my soul,,,, you know, living in quiet desperation,,,,” well I was doing that and I had a side business of cleaning houses, now, I don’t know anyone around here that has a passion for that! But it was a necessity with the cost of living in this area. But I was getting to the end of my rope and I really, wanted to change my future and fill it with things I would bounce out of bed for”
Richard, “ so, you built this center?”

Deborah, “well there were many steps that happened to get this center into reality. First, I had to slowly chip away and build my MLM businesses”
Richard, “ more then one?”
Deborah, “ Yes, when I was doing shows, I prepped for them with Isagenix and I still use them. They support my body in ways to prep for shows and beyond. Like I said, I’m in the best shape of my life and I share them with all of my clients that workout here. When they buy a membership, they receive full use of the facilities and a 50% discount on services and lectures that we provide to the public. They are part of my community and keep this center going. I also appreciate Young Living Oils and have been an “Oil” user for many years. As I mentioned I was cleaning house and used a lot of chemicals, that were affecting my breathing and overall well -being. I knew I had to get away from them quickly, so I did. I switched everything in my house to their products and noticed a lot of little changes that kept adding up. Then I started to use them to enhance my immune system and beauty products and it just kept growing between the two. I stayed with the program and kept sharing them and my network grew over the past year to the point that I said good bye to cleaning houses and good by to my HR Manager Position. I finally have the freedom and time to focus on my passions and for the first time in years, I do bounce out of bed excited for the day, as some say, I am no longer living life in a paint by numbers picture, I am creating my art!”

Deborah “ So the center considers to grow, we now hold meetings here if someone from the business community wants to rent it, we have a massage and healing room for visiting practitioners, we have the upstairs area for the workout center and the gardens are nice for outdoor gatherings. I love my life!”
Richard “It is a beautiful center and it doesn’t smell like a typical gym!”
Deborah” For sure! You are smelling Thieves in the diffusers now, it’s wonderful,”
Richard, “It’s wonderful to see this option in the county.”
Deborah, “ I am living the life of my dreams! Really I am and so excited for what tomorrow will bring”

Week 7 & 8… or just Nov 13th!

So, starting realize what a negative chick I am! Really! I mean, being in the world of HR, can certainly try ones tolerance, but to go without a negative thought, expression, face, comment, or thought,,,,, is that actually possible? I mean really, the drills which I have grown to love and adore do resonate with me. Yes, you have to replace a bad habit with a good habit, yes, I have been doing that. Instead of plotting one, well,,,, I digress,,, instead of a negative thought I think of my love of animals, my appreciation for a sunny Friday the calm moment that a Sunday can present, or the soothing taste of chi tea,,,, yes,,, they are my happy places for sure, yet, it has been most challenging to not think a negative thought for a day, hell, even an hour. Could I be so plastered with cement, that I’m completely lost? Is there hope? Oh boy, I don’t want to put anything out there that will come back my way. I really do see the beauty and the reasoning through all of the steps, I really support them and actually, it seems like many years of reading the books, or going to a lecture, or meditating on practices through this class as been what my life has been fragmented with over so many years. Yet,,,, here I am, being reminded that I have to answer to me, only me,,, ouch,,, no hiding, no excuses, no,,, stories of someday later…. hmmm no where to hide,,, maybe that should be the name of this blog. It is truly an amazing journey,,, uncomfortable,,, check,,, naked,,, check,,,, still wanting a better life,,, CHECK! Wow,,, this really is truly up to me and me alone. What an amazing and resounding place to be in. Has anyone else ever felt this way? In this amazing big, beautiful world, I have never felt so small,,, yet, so tall at one time. It’s the strangest feeling that I have held. People come into your life for a reason, maybe for a brief encounter, maybe to shake the mirror in your face. I can relate to both. Yet, why I am so terrified at this moment, why I am still reaching for an excuse,,, when it’s not getting me where I want to be. I have always, always thought that I would break through any barriers,,, yet, why am I afraid of the race now? Failure. I done want to fail. “big sigh”, Again, I would have to face myself in the mirror someday and say,,, you let me down.  I still want to believe I can be better.. why am I feeling this weight around my feet today…. to be concluded, after I ready, meditate,,, and breath….