week 23

I have missed a week and for that I will explain….. well,,, I’m kicking it hard, without excuse and remorse. What am I doing,,,well, besides working job (just over broke) working my side business,,,which I want to let go of,,, and creating a new business in my mlm,, I am holding one on ones, classes and follow ups. In 4 months, I have 25 people in my down line. This is just the beginning. This isn’t going to get me to retirement,, but it will move me in the direction I want to be in. Yes, it is non stop. Yes there are times it’s frustration learning the business aspects,,, but I have thrown myself into this and I am looking at this as a 4 year career. I will not move from this goal. I will continue to move forward and do all I can to make this work. There is no promise that my job will be there tomorrow, there are no loyalties. I need to make this work for me. I am doing all I can within the environment of working, caring my for dad with dementia, working a side business that I will soon sell and create the future of time freedom that I want. This is my time! Do It Now!


Week 20

So, week 20 has been full of activity. I again found myself spending some quality time with family yet, also incorporating my MLM business into my week. How so,,,, well, I went door to door with my flyers, introducing myself and my free class to the community. It was exciting to say the least. Some good connections, hopefully, some buyers and people that are excited about the oils. Already this week, I’ve received calls from potential customers that are coming to the class and reserved their spot. So I continue to study, study, study. I am going through a massive self directed educational process, not just be learning about the therapeutic benefits of the oils, but public speaking, conducting myself with “grace” and seeing myself as worthy of success. Each day, I visualize myself being successful as I place one foot in front of the other. It’s so exciting to keep saying “what would the person I want to become be doing…” and I just do it. My office is cleaned an organized, my efforts are more concentrated with content and intent and I have jumped in with both feet.
I am creating connections in the wellness community and learning so much about it. This is what the future me will be doing, so I’m doing this NOW. I am breaking through new territory as this journey is just beginning. I am fortunate to have the support of my boyfriend and the others,,, I just thank them for their opinion and don’t waste my valuable time tying to convince them. This is my life, my journey and my future self that I owe it to myself to succeed.
There is nothing lacking in my step and I appreciate all that I have in my life. It is teaching me so much about the strengths I have as well as other areas that I improve upon. This is my journey, unique to myself and I am doing MY BEST every day.
Living my life with intent and focus, doing it now, and doing it for my future self. I always keep my promises.

Week 19

So, the journey,,,, I’m hitting walls right and left. I going to keep walking forward though because if I throw this ambition away,,, then I’m left with what I call the death march,,,, going to work,,, doing my time,,,, leaving,,, getting up again,,, doing it all over the next day. I can just feel my soul dying at the thought of it. I don’t want to doubt my decision, yet there is a ton to learn. In this business, the one thing I have noticed quickly, is it’s a mirror looking back at you. What you feel inside is what you are receiving. I am worthy of abundance and success. I continue to review my DMP, my movie trailer, my interview, my affirmations, my gratitude cards, my scroll readings and quite meditation. I will not give up, I’m actually drifting away from the nay-sayers because I just don’t want that. I mean, listen to me know,,, it does soften my shine and as we are reading,,, this is the only day I have! Focus on the now. I am perfecting my knowledge, abundance flows to me and I flow it to the things I love. I promise to manifest true health and recognition for creative expression. My Young Living Essential Oil business is exploding. People are exciting and attending the classes, buying the kits, joining the EO movement. Abundance flows to me and I flow it to the things I love. My sales are $2,000 strong by this June. It continues to grow to $5,000 strong by December. By December 2018, I am certified as an Essential Oil Trainer and also have a trainer certification in fitness. I am abundant as I continue to grow in knowledge and help others improve their health and homes via the planets original medicine. By 2022, I am exiting my Corporate job and am a full time EO Health and Wellness Trainer. I always keep my promises! I WANT THIS NEW LIFE FOR MYSELF. I AM DESERVING OF SUCCESS. I ALLOW MYSELF TO BE SUCCESSFUL.

Week 18

Well, I at times am feeling like I’m looking in a large white closet full of unlabeled boxes,,,, and I have to find that one box that is going to bring me the joy, the warm, the passion that I see myself dance with when I daydream,,, yet, where in the world is it… it’s a massively big closet,,,, so full of just “things”. So I take this analogy and say what does it mean,,,, how can I relate to this on a constructive manner. Could it be that I am so use to being told how to live life, that good things come to you if you are lucky,,, only those born into wealth are the ones that succeed… and on and on… but I still have always, I mean always have felt I was made for better. Not that I would ever shy away from physical work, hell, I started a side cleaning business that I have no interest in continuing but brings me a lot of extra cash when I need it. I plan on letting that go and replacing it with an MLM,,,, and foster the growth of the MLM centered around health and wellness..not to mention having a center that I can hold sessions at, yoga, wellness lectures,,, and on and on…. just because I find that feeds my soul. Who knows… is it just a dream. Why do I keep dreaming about it…. There are times when you start to focus so much on a future you, and you go through a wave of emotions that you cant help feeling that someone is poking the beast in you. It was easier to go with the flow, to say, whatever,,, I’m doing good by many standards,,,, blah, blah blah,, boring,,, but I want more, I’m deserving. I’m doing what I can within my influence, polishing my presentation, learning about my product, always introducing it to others, trying not to take it personally when faced with no. I see my friends and family looking at me whispering,,, just let her work through it,,,, she will see it wont work and she will put this foolishness aside…. But I so want it to work. I’m so anxious to get out of my office job and to a life of creativity… One step at a time….

Week 17

I think I lost a week, but I am continuing on this journey. I am finding myself back and recording Haanel words to listen to them while I drive to work and back. I haven’t turned on the radio or TV on in months it seems like. I just keep finding myself saying,,, is this decision serving me and where I want to be. It’s not always perfect, but it’s on my mind and I find myself recalling the words from class to refocus myself. There just doesn’t seem like enough hours in the day, seriously and that has been a major concern for me. I get up at 4:30 so I can workout before a 10 hour required day at work, to go home and care for an elderly parent, and then let’s focus on my MLM business, that I am focusing on till 10:00. Anyone that knows me knows that grass does not grow under my feet, yet, I think my “hand in the jar” is all the stuff that I find myself having to do and question if its really beneficial. The gym, yes,,,, I wont give that up,,, no sir..the job,,, or should I say, the just over broke mode that is the one thing that I need, but isn’t feeding my soul, well, it is my DMP, my thoughts, on my cards, focus on other areas, my presentation, my speech,,, because we know we need to sound like “sugar” to attract, it’s in my actions now because I know if I can manifest a sustainable income with all of my energy, focus, and determination,,,, then I should be able to jump from the conventional job to a passion that can pay for what I want, but feed my soul. I just want it now, like nothing else. I find myself cleaning out closets, continuing to say,,with whatever is in my path, will it really help me be where I need to be…. and if I can see it wont,,,, it’s being tossed,,, I still think I need to focus more on what the “vehicle” will be to get me where I feel at peace as well as excited… more to come, as we peel back another layer,,, stay tuned.

Week 17

So I sit here and am coming from a place of gratitude. For all I have, abundance flows to me and I flow it to the things I love. Daily I say this to myself, morning noon and night. As well as my gym partners will say with me as we are doing H.I.I.T. “I am whole perfect, strong, powerful, loving harmonious and happy. I AM all of that and then some. I had moments during this past week, that I was able to appreciate the stars through the struggle of the day. There were moments that I found myself complaining, only to call myself out on it and realized at that moment and stopped myself. There were moments that I found myself swimming in self loathing, to realize, I walked away from that emotion by again, saying “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. When I want to shift my mind, I recite my DMP, I repeat all that I am thankful for on my cards of gratitude. The recent shift is seeing that it takes less time to move from what I call my old blue print. I move forward to a positive place of the strong and talented person that I am. As I move to a place of strength, I hear the old blue print saying words to me that I no longer want to identify with. I don’t want to own them anymore and I don’t. That person served me for many years and it’s time to let go. One step at a time, one decision that I own at a time. The time for me is now. By showing gratitude, by embracing the journey, my hand is extended to the inner me,,, and boy,,,, she rocks!! BAM.

Universe, I am deserving of the success you have waiting for me and have already blessed me with.

Week 16

Hello Week 16! Are ya feeling me now? I actually have one very large pile of cards that I cart around, yes and if you must know, I purchased a larger purse,,,, LOL, it’s all good. I really want this journey to expand and grow as I continue to run forward. So,,,, what I see is a lack of fear within my actions, I tend to want to push this forward so fast that I feel dread as I walk into my “normal” job. What I am saying is that I know that my career of 20 years, though feeding my current bills, feels like the “monkey hand in the jar.” I just really want to propel myself into my new reality. So, I go into my office and state, today I will appreciate what this is teaching me. It’s teaching me focus on my personal goals, it’s teaching me that I need to add more polish to my new self. I hold tight to my DMP, my cards, my affirmations, my service goals, my focus on shapes and goals. So as I continue to do this, I’m holding my sales MLM classes and signing people into the business. I am reaching out to other areas that will propel my actions so it’s not just one or two sign ups here and there, it’s has to be bigger to make this work. My focus is getting sharper and I’m making other changes in my diet, my temperament and responses to my interactions with others. It’s not all on the up and up, I still see my old self jabbing me on the shoulder saying ” seriously, you can’t do this,,,,” I will not listen to the “subby”. I haven’t come this far to walk away.

Week 15

This week one can appreciate all of the “drills” that we have been participating in and how they link to growth and habit in forming and meeting our future self, the person that we always would dream about, that we thought was in us, but somehow always alluded us,,, sometimes, still does… yet, I know that she is in there somewhere. To know that we can be on the top of the rollercoaster that is ready to embark on the ride of our life does give me butterflies in my stomach. I mean, could this happen,,, is it really going to happen,,,, to me,,, just me? I mean, I keep looking around to see where I can pull back the curtain to the wizard that is hiding behind it,,, that internal voice that states,,, if it sounds too good to be true,,, it probably is… I mean, really, we are talking about me, aren’t we? BUT,,, there is a part of me that has already witnessed success,,,, though it may be small to some, it was pretty massive for me already. The thought that I could have success in a business that I am creating is exciting to my core. How I long for freedom in my days to get up and pour myself into a career that engages my heart and soul would be amazing. To feel enlightened by a career that even though could be difficult at times, can still feel like an accomplishment would be amazing. What am I still holding on to here on this side of the fence? Truly, I have seen all there is on this side and can’t help peaking over to see what the other side looks like. It’s that part of being a child full of curiosity that keeps me looking in an unfamiliar direction. I have found myself over the past couple of weeks being a bit agitated at still having to do what I have to do in this career and with my requirements and just wanting to jump over that fence and run! Possibly the old subby is not interested in seeing what else is out there… TO BAD, I’m running now! 🙂

Week 13

I have been focusing all of my energy on my Young Living Business. Each day I integrate the MKMMA class into my actions that are propelling my connections, and my sales. BAM! I am truly amazed by how this is unfolding before me. I hold 2-3 classes per month that are getting more traffic. In addition, if someone is within 5 feet of me, I am sharing these oils, I am propelled to keep this going. It has been an amazing journey. I am feeling excited by the “hussle.” I really do enjoy connecting with people to these oils because their benefits are limitless. The audience that I can connect with is will never end. Building the business has been exciting and I’m charged by all connections. There is so much more to come, but for right now, I have to get back to the grind.

Week 12-Amazing

There is no doubt that we have the option of walking any path before us. As I sit down to write this, I am shaking my head at all that has happened over the past three weeks. Not just internally, but externally. I have and continue to meet amazing people that each bring a unique gift into my life. Whether it be a word of support, a joke, a funny way to look at things, their determination, their sadness, whatever it is, I sit back and just “listen” to them. Time and time again, I am reminded that people just want to be heard, valued and listened to. That by itself is worth the journey. I just don’t know how to completely explain this, but just that I feel that my eyes have opened on so many levels. So, to give you the step by step of these past three weeks, lock arms with me and listen up.
First it was and continues to be with great sadness of the loss my father in law. Though not legally, he has been in my life each day for seven years, so I think that qualifies under some law somewhere. So he fought with so much passion the cancer that eventually consumed him, but on some level, there is compassion to be felt over loss due to not seeing him physically suffer. Yet, I still look at my phone, searching for his last text and finding that I cannot and will not delete this. It’s the last testament to a “dad 2” a friend, a very smart man and my boyfriends hero since he was the size of a teardrop. So, as life continues, it just happens that we are faced with the constant reminders that there is no guarantee of time that any of us have and that of itself, it is a wonderful gift to recognize. My mind jumps to Jim King. He and his wife Lori are an amazing force to see in action and the two responsible for bringing me before you now. They have true integrity and have shown me the ropes of health and healing on many levels. Yet, there is one thing that Jim has said that rings true to me each day… you have to look at the “expected” time you may have on the books of life. For my age, I will be lucky to have 20 good summers left to dance, walk and talk on this beautiful big green and blue planet. So you had better get busy doing something with that. So, I take that to heart. Because just to have that much time left would be a blessing.
So, as I said before, there are many avenues one can take to create a life of abundance and that can mean so much for so many. With my journey, I have chosen the amazing world of healing oils that can help support the body, because I know my audience before me, I could make that connection on many levels. Like I said, there are so many avenues and so many companies that one can support and if I could, I would also follow Jim and Lori’s company. Yet, I felt I had to pick one and run with it and run I did! When I committed to this, I held my first class. I kept saying, I would have 13 people at my class and 5 would sign up,,,, all said and done,,,,, THAT HAPPENEND! And when that happened, I shook my head in amazing belief for all that this universe has to offer. During the following week, I said I had to sell one more kit, I needed others to know about the amazing benefits one can obtain,,, and again,,,, I made another big sale,,,and again, it happened. So,,,, needless to say, I am starting a new business and have already started to hold classes that are for the “Healthy Hippy Chick” vision that I started with, that I had in my DMP, that’s posted all over the place, that’s on all my correspondence with everyone that I have contacted. Just for the record,,,, this continues to grow. I want people to feel better, I want to find a way to help them and to facilitate wellness for them. Did I say it’s just been three weeks,,,, yes,,, don’t loose site of that. It’s been amazing. Stay tuned for more positive news from the healthy hippy chick… 🙂